Today more than 100,000 families own property in one of the six Cooper communities located throughout the Mid-South. Why have they bought property from us? For several very important reasons. First is our outstanding reputation.

We are widely recognized as one of the most fiscally responsible developers of planned communities in the nation. That means property owners can count on very high quality amenities now - and in the future.

Next is our environmental concern. Fully 20% to 30% of the land in each Cooper community is set aside as unspoiled common property. As a result, Cooper communities feature lush, wooded landscapes and lots of strikingly beautiful scenery.

We're in all the right places!
Another reason people are so attracted to Cooper communities is because of our ideal locations.

From Arkansas and Tennessee to Missouri and South Carolina, we've chosen sites that are all just a short drive to attractions like national parks, world-class entertainment, top-flight shopping and more. And, since our villages are all in the Mid-South, the climate is usually just right - not too hot, and not too cold!

We meet your every need.
There are several companies under the Cooper Communities "umbrella." They include Cooper Land Development, Inc. (the company that actually sells the land in most of the Cooper Villages). Then there's Cooper Homes, which custom-builds homes with additional services other builders can't provide. And Escapes! Resorts, which features vacation ownership in several of our villages.

Cooper Communities... So much more than a lifestyle!
Sure, Cooper Communities villages have all the golf, tennis, boating and fishing you could ask for, but we've designed our communities to be more than that. They're places with real neighborhoods, where people raise families, and where every generation really can find a place to call... home.

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